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Hey Friends! Thank you for supporting & shopping Baby Girl Dee's Things! I'm Baby Girl Dee or Daniela Marie. I'm a 25 year old Queer Chicana Xingona born & raised in East Oakland Ca. I'm an artist, activist, creator, roller skater, vintage lover, Betty Boop Collector & a bunch of other stuff i can't think of right now. I've been vending my handmade art, accessories, shirts stickers & more for a little over 5 year now as a side hobby which is something that I enjoy and feel so lucky to be able to sell things that I've created. I finally found the confidence and patience to build myself a website, start an online, quit my day job & start doing something i really love. I started my shop around the beginning of Quarantine, everything is self taught & believe me I'm learning as I go so thank you for your patience & support. It really does mean a lot to a small business when you shop and support them. Every post share, story share, like, comment, share, means the world to a small business and helps them keep going and support themselves off their art, so thank you so much for your support!

I've been roller skating for a little over 4 years now, and skating for Moxi Roller Skates, Anti Clique, Better Bearings for 3 some years. I'll probably add more to this later but I wanted to put a little brief about me.